Jerusalem entering life in your home

Our Wall Quilts are made by hand from top quality materials. This makes every item purchased a one-of a-kind inside your home. We have provided pockets and sleeves in the back of each quilt to offer several hanging options to suit the different rooms in your home.

Each quilt is approximately 47 X 33 inches

"This quilted treasure of the Sea of Galilee made a lovely gift for a beautiful friend, after we visited the Holy Land together"

Denise, The Woodlands, TX

"We just finished our guest room revamp with the beautiful wall quilt of Ein Gedi !

Rich and Becky, Holland, MI

"We treasure our Ein Gedi quilt. It will be a family heirloom no doubt. The craftsmanship and quality of these works of art are exceptional.

Pastor Mike, Cashiers, NC

Since we can’t go to the Holy Land this year this is a way of bringing the Holy Land to us"

Jerry Ferguson, Hot Springs, AK

" With the recent Christmas shipping delays due to Covid issues, the team at Promises Of Glory were with me every step of the way until my quilts arrived. It was well worth the wait, I love them ! "

 Sharon M.   Green Bay, WI

"We got our quilts today ! ISRAEL is in our home forever ! Thank you Promises of Glory. "

Christine, San Diego, CA

" No one can visit Israel without a deeper appreciation and stronger faith in the Bible. Both the Bible and the Land have been preserved as physical evidences that "He endureth forever "

Dr. Billy Graham