The Promised Land Tapestry (Deuteronomy 8:8)


God's promise to his people that they are entering a good land- A land of Milk and Honey (Deutoronomy 8:8)

Each tapestry is approximately 47 X 33 inches

Usually arrives between 3-7 days

Size of each quilt :  33 X 47 inches

Every quilt comes packaged in our Promises Of Glory pouch. A 100% cotton bag with a high quality print of your selected design. Each piece comes with several hanging options to suit the different rooms of your home. Once your quilt is on the wall, you can use this heritage bag daily to transport and carry. Enjoy!


* as each and every quilt is made by human hand, there will be slight variations between each piece of art- a leaf from the olive tree, the crown of the pomegranate, etc., making the one on your wall unique and a one-of-a-kind !

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