We are a husband and wife team, living in the Jerusalem hills of Israel. Between us we have gathered more than 20 years of experience in touring the land with tourists visitors and pilgrims.

Whether with student groups visiting archaeological sites, religious groups visiting holy sites, or simply curious visitors witnessing for the first time the wonders of Israel’s landscapes, we are continuously privileged in sharing their awe when witnessing what the land has to offer.

This is heightened even further when matching scripture of the bible with the site- a unique experience only to be had when visiting the land and using the bible as a guide.

This is where the idea of the tapestry project started. Why not bring this experience into our home through delightful hand made art which captures this precious moment of land and text and bring it into our living room, our bedroom, our work spaces, etc ? A daily reminder- one whose visual beauty can not only be seen but also felt on the fabric !

Connecting the image and the word and welcoming into our home an eternal message of HIS Promises of Glory.