Bringing Glory Home

Once setting off on this voyage, we met the most delightful people to work and consult with.  Together with them, we ventured to ‘quilt together’ our vision to eventually adorn the walls of our homes and communities with Holy Land wall quilts. We experimented with various sizes and materials, colors and styles, techniques and methods. At long last came the day when the first collection of Promises of Glory was available. What started as an idea on our balcony in Jerusalem overlooking the Mount of Olives is now making its way to homes and families around the world. The quilts can now be found in three continents (as far as we know) and the feedback from our clients and partners is joyful! As each quilt is made by hand, it’s a one of a kind piece.  The slight variations in a tree trunk or a wave in the sea of Galilee is a unique mark on a piece that has made  its way into your home.


Work is already set in motion to expand our offerings with further images as well as additional texts. We also are working on partnering with organizations around the world and to take part in charitable efforts. We welcome your feedback and are happy to hear your experiences and thoughts. We welcome partnerships, whether you are a store or wholesaler, organization, or friend :)