The Sea of Galilee

Did you know that The Sea of Galilee is one of the world’s lowest freshwater lakes, situated at about 686 feet below sea level?

To start with, the lake is home to nearly 30 different species of fish; it is also the setting of a tremendous number of Biblical stories.  In fact, two thirds of Jesus’ ministry takes place in and around the Sea of Galilee (Yes, in, such as walking on water , Matthew 14).  

However, with all of this intense Biblical activity all around, this is also one of the most peaceful areas on earth.

Consequently, heading into the heart of the (sea? …lake ?) with a team of Israeli fishermen on an early morning’s run to catch some famous St. Peter’s Fish, one is astounded by the powerful yet un- intimidating quiet all around you.  Perhaps that is because of the unique acoustics created by the hills all around.  

In addition to the lake, the hills of Galilee to the west and the Golan Heights (biblical Bashan) to the east.  Jesus certainly knew how to pick a place.  

Most importantly, it is in this area and in the neighboring Jewish towns where he collects his group of disciples and prepares them and himself for that final ascent up to Jerusalem.  

To conclude, this was a quick early choice for our first collection of wall quilts.  An image portraying the peacefulness of the area.  A majestic body of water so full of life and so full of meaning that it naturally begs to adorn a wall in our home and engage us in conversation.  

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Safe travels !