How to find the Perfect Quilt ?

So you’ve been looking for a quilt and the question comes : How to find the Perfect Quilt ?

You’re probably looking for realistic colors, the perfect shading, or a blending of all elements of nature. But the questions remains : How to find the Perfect Quilt ?

Our advice is Stop Searching and Start Looking.

That is, start looking all around you, raise your eyes and examine the natural world all around you. The most Perfect quilt has been created by the most talented hands and those are the hands of God.

 When we set off on this quilting project our humble intention was to recreate all the wondrous places of the Holy Land. 

Living in Israel, one sometimes takes for granted that they live or commute to work in the same physical setting of the greatest story ever told.  It was when we stopped searching and started looking that we realised, We had an entire catalog of quilts to choose from all around us. 

Those of you who have traveled the land of Israel will now have an opportunity to bring into your home a reminder of that place that touched your heart in a very deep way. 

Those of you who have been unable to visit, can bring extra color to that Biblical story you love.  This is the experience we aim for when selecting the next piece to our collection

We would be open to any ideas on our social media page

The bulk of the work has been done for us by the creator himself. Now lets get it into fabric