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Hand quilting process

Those of you from the world of art and design know of the slow and arduous process of bringing an idea to a visual reality. The hand quilting process is no different. Once infected with the excitement of making wall quilts and matching biblical text to them, came the slow journey to our first harvest. 

Firstly, we spent nearly two years selecting the right images for the beginning of our catalog and experimenting on how to bring these to fabric.

Secondly, we slowly gathered around us an amazing team of experts in fabrics and materials, craft men and women – each one of them truly an artist. 

This team eventually sat down and studied the images and their potential to be applied to fabric and eventually to be hung on the wall.

A long hand quilting process of trial and error eventually brought us to the first 4 images to start us off  and as a result they were The olive tree, The 7 species of the Promised Land, The waterfall of Ein Gedi nestled in the Judean Desert, and the boat on the Sea of Galilee.

The applique process of the biblical text brought the final challenge. Most importantly, how to precisely link the image to the text. 

The text 

The answers were in the bible. While each site speaks differently and uniquely to each person, we set off with the first collection of passages as a result of sitting and consulting with various biblical scholars, spiritual leaders and simply people who have been to the sites. 

Moreover, we learned from each of how they were moved by the text they meditated on at that moment.

To conclude, we are continuing to develop this collection and are open to ideas and even special custom-made orders with alternative text and word (contact us).