The Garden of Gethsemane

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Jerusalem Israel Holy Land home decor handmade quilt wall quilts hanging tapestry arts and crafts Israel The Garden of Gethsemane

Above all, The Garden of Gethsemane is home to some very special olive trees.

To start, it is Nestled at the base of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, overlooking the old city and the Kidron Valley is the Garden of Gethsemane.  Sometimes spelled Gettsemane, this garden of very old olive trees has a very new church alongside it.  

Today’s Church of Gethsemane or “Church of All Nations” is a 20th century church constructed over the remains of older churches that came before it.  Most importantly, it is these earlier churches, from the Crusader period and all the way back to the Byzantine period, that commemorate Jesus’ last hours before crucifixion.  

The Garden

Among these olive trees is where Jesus, firstly, sat with his students and disciples and taught them, serving as their rabbi, teacher.  Looking west they could all see the great Temple of Jerusalem.  

The same structure that was constructed by King Herod. 

In addition, It was here on the Mt. of Olives where Jesus hid from the Roman soldiers – It was here where he would eventually be betrayed and captured.  

Staying up all night with his disciples, Jesus told them to “Sit here while I go over there and pray” (Matthew 26 )  It is in this garden where the students eventually fall asleep.  

On top of that, It is also in this garden where Judas betrays his rabbi and guides the Roman soldiers to the whereabouts of their person.  

Consequently, this garden is a somber spot and a good opportunity to reflect and meditate about the great sacrifice made for us and our sins but our one and only saviour.

  • home decor handmade quilt wall quilts hanging tapestry arts and crafts Israel The Garden of Gethsemane
  • home decor handmade quilt wall quilts hanging tapestry arts and crafts Israel The Garden of Gethsemane
  • home decor handmade quilt wall quilts hanging tapestry arts and crafts Israel The Garden of Gethsemane
  • home decor handmade quilt wall quilts hanging tapestry arts and crafts Israel The Garden of Gethsemane

In conclusion, our handmade wall hanging tries to capture this moment in all its strength and what better way to display strength than through the mighty olive tree.  Able to survive centuries and millennia and still give fruit.  Capable to live and thrive in rough terrain and still provide beauty.  Such is our walk with god.  May we sit with this peace and pray as our redeemer once prayed.

Ein Gedi and the Judean Desert

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Ein Gedi  Judean Desert Dead Sea 
Israel religious quilts handmade crafts arts tapestry quilt hanging wall god Jerusalem
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Getting the true meaning of “Living Water” from the waterfall at Ein Gedi and the Judean Desert

Nestled in the heart of Israel’s Judean Desert is the spring water oasis of Ein Gedi.  It is her that one often receives the true meaning of “living water”.  

In the extreme climate of Israel’s desert where temperatures can exceed 110 degrees there are very few sources of drinking water. 

The Dead Sea might serve a momentary comfort however you must not be fooled, those waters are 33% salt and have no living thing living inside of them (hence the name).

Animals like the famous Nubian Ibex (or mountain goat) can often be seen crowding around one stream called locally “David’s stream”.  Yes, named after the same King David who his from  the armies of Saul in the “Spring of the young goat” (1 Samuel 23 and 24). 

As a result of that event, for centuries people would come to this fresh water oasis at Ein Gedi to drink, bathe, and cool off from its fresh waters. 

It is no wonder why Jesus’ early followers so easily related to his words in John 7 “ If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink”  For his early followers where a shepherd people. 

They knew what it was like to wander with their flock in extreme climates and terrain (as wandering through life often seems).  They felt in their bones and in their heart the amazing moment that was finding a place to rest, to drink, to receive “living water” water of life, water for the body and for the soul. 

Ein Gedi Quilt

It’s this feeling that we give and receive in our guest room where the Ein Gedi Wall quilt is hung.  Our house guests get to sleep under the waterfall of Ein Gedi and drink from the holy spirit.  The next morning we all become engaged in conversation about Ein Gedi and the Judean Desert and the biblical text and its importance and meaning in our lives.  

We hope this home decor piece offers the same beauty and meaning to your house and your families and guests.  Promises of Glory aims to do exactly that through our catalog of handmade wall art.

Give beauty to your home, meaning and a voice to your walls.  Engaging all members and guest of your household to remembers God’s promises to his people. 

His Promises of Glory.

The Sea of Galilee

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Sea of Galilee Israel Jerusalems quilt handmade wall hanging tapestry quilts

Did you know that The Sea of Galilee is one of the world’s lowest freshwater lakes, situated at about 686 feet below sea level?

To start with, the lake is home to nearly 30 different species of fish; it is also the setting of a tremendous number of Biblical stories.  In fact, two thirds of Jesus’ ministry takes place in and around the Sea of Galilee (Yes, in, such as walking on water , Matthew 14).  

However, with all of this intense Biblical activity all around, this is also one of the most peaceful areas on earth.

Consequently, heading into the heart of the (sea? …lake ?) with a team of Israeli fishermen on an early morning’s run to catch some famous St. Peter’s Fish, one is astounded by the powerful yet un- intimidating quiet all around you.  Perhaps that is because of the unique acoustics created by the hills all around.  

In addition to the lake, the hills of Galilee to the west and the Golan Heights (biblical Bashan) to the east.  Jesus certainly knew how to pick a place.  

Most importantly, it is in this area and in the neighboring Jewish towns where he collects his group of disciples and prepares them and himself for that final ascent up to Jerusalem.  

To conclude, this was a quick early choice for our first collection of wall quilts.  An image portraying the peacefulness of the area.  A majestic body of water so full of life and so full of meaning that it naturally begs to adorn a wall in our home and engage us in conversation.  

Look for some more facts about The Sea of Galilee in the best Tourism platform in Israel.

Safe travels !

How to hang a quilt on the wall

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Home decor ideas on where to place the quilts

home decor religious god quilt tapestry wall hangings

So you just purchased one of our handcrafted wall hangings, following comes the question is where to hang the quilt. 

Since part of our mission is to have the Bible come alive in your home and the Holy Land to be a part of your house, we suggest to put it in the most visible place.  You and your guests need to be engaged in the scene and in the text. 

The idea is to see the Land and the Word the moment you enter a room. 

Therefore we suggest putting it on the wall just opposite the entrance of the room so that the quilt is the first thing one sees upon entering. 

The 3d quilt effect will do the rest from here. 

The quilt will capture the eye of your guest through the dynamic colors we have involved in our process. 

The text embroidery will engage you all in a biblical discussion or a day’s devotional.

The quilt is much more than a decorative home decor idea. 

The meaning of the image and the Biblical passage that it comes with bring meaning to your walls. 

It gives them a voice and empowers your home to be a place of study and worship. 

Where you decide to hang a quilt on the wall determines who will see it and how much they will be engaged.  You want to have it in a well lit place, preferably natural light. 

Near a window is ideal and beautiful. 

Remember that the quilt is not just a home decor idea for your guests, but also a daily reminder for you.

An added inspiration as you walk by this wall art piece.  The presence of God and the story of the bible.  A daily reminder of His Promises of Glory.

How to hang a quilt on the wall

if you need some visual help on how to hang a quilt on the wall, check out this video on how to properly place your quilt up.

home decor religious god quilt tapestry wall hangings

Religious Quilts For Sale

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religious quilts for sale god hil

What makes our quilts unique ?   God’s creation inspired us.  

If you are looking to add meaning to your home decoration, if you are looking to beautify a certain room in the house. Nevertheless make your dailt devotion more allow us to inspire you with the Images of the Land of Israel in addition with their corresponding Biblical passages with one of our beautiful religious quilts that are for sale

To the biblical text’s applique method brought the final challenge-and an important one. 

How to connect the picture most precisely to the text. The answers for making a religious quilt, were in the Bible

religious quilts for sale god Israel jerusalem han

Religious Handmade Quilts for sale

When making our quilts we use traditional techniques.

As a result, our religious quilts are one of a kind, because each quilt is done by hand. 

Make your own Religious Quilt pattern

Is there a picture or scene from the Holy Land that you believe the next set of quilts should be made into?

Our team is more than happy to sit down and review the latest art proposal to launch the transition to the cloth.

Where to find Quilts for sale ?

The quilts can be found in our Online shop following several e-commerce platforms such as Pinterest and Etsy.

Official Launch in stores, Israel

Meanwhile We set up shop all across the land and the various sites and stops around Israel.

From the Sea of Galilee in the north to King Herod’s desert fortress of Masada to the south. 

Additionally Selected stores in Jerusalem also began carrying our wall tapestry and we began sales in select stores in the Holy Land.